NEET Repeater Classes In Pune

Reattempting NEET is highly demotivating for a few repeaters. Failing the NEET exam leads to a great level of discouragement among aspirants, due to which some students even drop out from the field completely. While reattempting the course and exam can be difficult for NEET repeaters, those who really want to pursue a career in medical can easily get a second opportunity to crack the tough exam and come out with successful results.
There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the way a candidate prepares and feels about the entrance test. Because NEET is the most and only important entrance examination for medical candidates, there is usually a lot of pressure on students, which may lead to lower scores in the exam. Thus, the requirement does not just revolve around providing the right study materials to Students but keep them motivated through regular practice, personal attention and the right guidance.
EMC2 Education offers specialized coaching classes designed for NEET repeaters, where candidates don’t have to repeat the syllabus all over again. Instead, the classes are more focused on helping students practice and achieve a level of perfection through regular tests and lectures. We understand the level of guidance and personalized attention that NEET repeaters require, and thus, the lectures and tests designed for the repeaters batch help students improve specific study areas and brush up concepts from already what they have learned.
Regular revision and model tests are tailored to prepare NEET repeaters to further understand the competency level of the examination and identify their strengths and weaknesses. As the repeater batch is for those reattempting NEET, it is important for repeaters to realize what they already know and the areas and sections that they need to improve upon for better results the next time.
EMC2 Education provides updated and latest study materials and assessment tests for students to practice in an easier and effective manner. This allows students to effectively manage their time, which can help them crack the examination with more confidence and lesser stress. Time management is an essential component that helps students achieve the best scores in competitive exams. With NEET, managing time the right way is a skill that our students learn over the course, helping them develop their preparation plan and strategies.
Our faculty focuses on the abilities and preparation status of each and every student of our NEET repeater batch. Students get a chance to practice concepts multiple times, clear their doubts during lectures, and also attempt previous years’ question papers to give them a feel of the exam setting. This helps students attempt the exam in a more relaxed and prepared manner.
Cracking an exam like NEET is not impossible. Those who have failed the exam must never lose hope. With the right level of determination, hard work, and practice, anybody can ace NEET.

  • Tests Conducted During Course : Short Tests, Long Tests, Prelims, Revision Tests, Model Tests.
  • Teaching Hours: Six Hours Daily Classes
  • Demo Lecture: Student gets One Free Demo Lecture


  • Students will be thoroughly prepared for Medical Entrance Exams.
  • Regular class tests will be conducted in entrance exams pattern.
  • The result of each test will sent to the parents through SMS.
  • Relevant study material will be provided in Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  • Personal Attention to Each and Every Students
  • Small Batches